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There are 3 ways to get started to get IBS relief

1. Schedule A Consultation call 530-899-8741 

Most patients begin with a consultation with Dr. Patrick. You may call our Chico, California office today at 530-899-8741 to schedule a consultation .  A consultation is a 30-minute appointment, which will give you the opportunity to meet with the doctor one-on-one to discuss your symptoms and any concerns you may have.  Dr. Patrick will also perform a preliminary exam, determine which further tests are needed, and outline his approach to your treatment.

Dr. Patrick understands that each individual’s situation is unique and his treatment methods reflect that.  He knows that not everybody is every body, and one patient may need a completely different approach than the next patient with a similar problem.  Using your health history, an examination, lab tests and an analysis of your health challenges, Dr. Patrick can customize a care plan for you using the best approach for your particular condition.  In addition, he will frequently suggest a plan for self-care so that you can sustain your success at home. 

Take this first step with us and begin your journey to feeling better again.

2. Attend one of our FREE Educational Seminars

Dr. Patrick hosts informative seminars at the Chico office of the Digestion Relief Center about various topics, particularly Irritable Bowel and digestive challenges as well as food sensitivities. Call 530.899.8741 or visit to reserve your seat at our next seminar.

3. Sounds Good, I Want to Know More

If this sounds like something you want to do yet want to learn more about the Digestion Relief Center and Dr. Patrick, please visit: Visit the success stories of other patients such as yourself who experienced the freedom from IBS. You will  find informative articles, health tips and more information about IBS, food sensitivities, intolerances and Dr. Patrick’s work. 

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